¿Qué fué de Granada? III – Organic is metabolic. And sustainability is not a videogame.

Latent: 2013060/BE/C.

To be sustainable is to make it possible for next generations to enjoy the resources and the environment as we are enjoying it now, not let them be poorer and destroy their cultural or natural heritage.

A sustainable form tends to be organic. But organism means, most of all, metabolism, an income and an outcome of energy and material in dialog with the context of which it would be part.

Of course, adaptation is connected to form. The form and the position of each urban culture adapt themselves to its environment, conforming to their topography, clima and limits, and their collective expressive needs. It is the base of the so-called bioclimatic architecture.

As soon as these incomes and outcomes, these needs and creations and this dialogical situation becomes real, the form is free to belong to the expressive and cultural needs of a community.

In the age of CAD (computer aided design) we can go further in complex geometry and its mathematics and imagine and represent wonderful structures. But in architecture what is possible in a virtual world must also be possible, affordable, even logic in the material reality of architecture. Because ultimately architecture is building our space. Something that is not easy to build, to standardize and make accessible for the community, will involve a specific enormous waste of energy and resources in each step.

Imagination is flying in the magic naive sense of organic, when deep organic means more than a nature emulating sensual wild form full of plants… maybe it means even not a form itself, as far as the form will be the consequence of the way this form takes its place in environment, exchanging energies and material with it, involving a dialog with nature and culture, with its invisible conflicts and goals.

Imagination flies while problems stay on earth, where they will be waiting, the day we land back in the challenges of present time, in the day by day life.

In other words, in the urgent of present-time urban global problem, CAD-rendering is not enough. And either, sustainability is not a Videogame.


INFO: ¿Qué fué de Granada? – Drei Gedanken über “green-washed” Urbanistik (So what happened to Granada? – Three thoughts about green-washed urbanism) is composed by three collages and three texts:

  1. Veralten des Wachstums
  2. Funkelnagelneue “greenwashed” Landschaft für alle
  3. Organisch ist metabolisch. Und Nachhaltigkeit ist kein Videospie
  1. Obsolescence of growing
  2. Brand new green washed landscape for all
  3. Organic is metabolic. And sustainability is not a videogame

This work is taking part in the exhibition “Greenwashing”, in Berlin, from 6th June 2013, to 7th July 2013, organised by Group Global 3000, Arts and other Sustainabilities, with other six artist and curated by Tom Albrecht.


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