¿Qué fue de Granada? II – Brand new green washed landscape for all.

Latent: 20130606/BE/B.

There are millions of certificated agencies, standards and methods, such as Leed, Green councils… At the same time, there is the prejudice that any architecture can follow these standards. And so there are often projects that, in the proposal phase, promise to be sustainable or just prescribes that it “will be” sustainable.

But sustainability is not a prescription. Sustainability is a statement. A way of being. As so as gravity gives form to organisms and modulates their metabolism –how tall is a human, how big is an ant, why metabolism of a mice will kill by speed and fever a human heart-, so a natural form is sculptured by its physical environment adaptation possibilities.

So, what if sustainability would transform architecture? What if some architectures, even in its essential, physical form, invasive statement, scale and size were simply not sustainable? A green architectural project starts with this questions in the first line, first thunder of the brainstorming, because as said, sustainability is more essential than a simple prescription.

Many of these projects are produced for those clients who –trusting the technical competence of designers- do not know exactly what sustainable means, or even less, what green is. Specially fragile are those countries, like Russia, Eastern European Countries, United Arab Emirates or China, which are both stressed and enthusiastic about their running into a fast development. These tend to see themselves from the standpoint of developed countries instead of attending their own specificity, which is what would allow them to move inside their own context in nature and history and to confront their own road between contemporary possibilities and past background, natural and social environment.


INFO: ¿Qué fué de Granada? – Drei Gedanken über “green-washed” Urbanistik (So what happened to Granada? – Three thoughts about green-washed urbanism) is composed by three collages and three texts:

  1. Veralten des Wachstums
  2. Funkelnagelneue “greenwashed” Landschaft für alle
  3. Organisch ist metabolisch. Und Nachhaltigkeit ist kein Videospie
  1. Obsolescence of growing
  2. Brand new green washed landscape for all
  3. Organic is metabolic. And sustainability is not a videogame

This work is taking part in the exhibition “Greenwashing”, in Berlin, from 6th June 2013, to 7th July 2013, organised by Group Global 3000, Arts and other Sustainabilities, with other six artist and curated by Tom Albrecht.


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