Every creative process involves a working heat and with it a change in the state of reality.

A short lecture on physics. Don’t panic. I will be breaf. This is just a short grounding for the metaphor which gives  this blog its name…  wich is in fact an  beautiful metaphor.

It is called latent heat, the energy that you would need to make a substance change its state of matter, for example, melting ice or boiling water. What it curious is that this latent heat is only used in the change of phase: during this process, in spite of the contribution of heat, there is no change in the temperature of the body. This, which had confused scientists for years, is why they were caused to distinguish bewteen this perceptible heat, sensible heat, and this other one, hidden to termomethers but consistent with the equations, which they called latent heat.  The term latent heat, first introduced by the scotish chemist Joseph Black in 1761, was derived from Latens, Latentis, participle present forn of the Latin verb latere, to hide.

Equally, when the reverse process takes place, when steam condenses or liquids solidifies, the bodies give up heat to the room. I.e. this hidden heat reappears again and returns in the form of sensible heat, visible again to people and thermometers.  That is why, when on a cold day it suddenly starts raining, the day gets a little less cold. The rain gives back the heat that it took with it during the evaporation.

Today, there are machines, such as domestic heating systems, that can take this latent heat  – this hidden heat – unmask it, turn it into available sensible heat and spread it in our rooms. A cozy winter evening at home  reading evening, watching films,  playing board games or writing a blog while enjoyng a heat that only moments before was hidden, stored like a cache in the state of matter-…  Quite a big step further in terms of energy efficiency technologies.

I use this example like any other. But do not let yourselves be impressed – or yes, do, behold and wonder –  because this, which seems extraordinary, actually happens every day, in everydaylife, from our heating systems to our noodle soup, from our Cuba Libre’s ice to the sweat that evaporates in our skins, carrying away the exces heat of our bodies in the warmest summer evenings.

Every creative process involves a working heat, which could brings (or at least should bring) a change in the state of reality. Then, why wouldn´t our creativity aspire to this efficiency? In other words: Why shouldn´t we search further, through creative processes, to find, reveal and experience the energy that hides, latent, in creativity and its power to change of state of things?

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